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Why are you waiting to go freelance?

Welcome back to the Alex Makes VR podcast. In today's episode, it's day number 4 of my 10 day challenge where every single day, I'm releasing a podcast in the hopes that it inspires and encourages you to take action, towards something that you want to achieve before the year is out. Take five minutes today to do something, to feel good about yourself, to make progress on a project, just generally, to do something intentional, where you set a timer and go for five minutes, I'm doing this thing, I'm not going to let the day sweep me away, I'm not going to be pulled down into a rabbit hole of replying to emails in my inbox, I'm going to intentionally sit here for five minutes or walk or run or whatever it is that you're doing, for five minutes. It doesn't even have to be creative or specific. It could be something to do with wellness or self development, or even just mindfulness, whatever it is take five minutes for yourself today because the compounding effect of taking five minutes to do something intentionally and make progress, brings inspiration, encouragement, motivation. This will come and eventually lead and bleed into your creative work.

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So in today's episode, I want to talk about and I’m not really sure what the title of this episode will be but I have this thought basically, that people tend to get into working for themselves because they want to make loads of money, right? People make the choice of being self-employed or working for yourself because then, you can be your own boss and make loads of money. Generally, that feels like what people think and it got me thinking about the fact that why don't people want to work for themselves and earn less money, but just be happier? Do you know what I mean? Like this is a concept that I think I've heard Gary Vee talk about before, where people again think entrepreneurship, they think running a business and they think I need to make a million pounds. It's like, well, that's kind of this arbitrary number, right? You could work for yourself, be earning less than you're earning now, but be so much happier? Because you don't have to wake up to an alarm, you can work from wherever, you get to dictate your schedule, you could work less than you are working now get to spend more quality time with the people in your life that you love. There's so many benefits of being the captain of your own ship, so to speak and it's not just money. Now, of course, like being your own boss, working for yourself or running your own business, of course, you don't have the same earning ceiling as you would do if you were employed. Because of course, like the person who's running the company that you're employed by, is the person that has the unlimited ceiling. So when you do become your own boss, of course, now you've got this opportunity to make as much money as possible. Really, if you wanted to and you have the right business model, you have the right product, you have the right service, whatever it might be, of course- the possibilities are endless. You could take on that extra three clients this month, and get paid more or you could scale it right back and not not work as hard. Do you see what I mean?

Obviously, you've got more flexibility and you're more in control when it comes to your earnings when you are self employed, but I just think that there's something in this idea of people not realising that working for yourself shouldn't just be the idea of earning more money. Actually, I would be willing to take a pay cut in order to be happier. Like what's the point in having money if you don't like your life? What's the point in working five days a week, eight to 12 hours a day, if you don't like your life? What's the point? What does that money bring you? Wouldn't you rather have slightly less money and have complete control over your life? Get to choose whether or not you pivot? You know, maybe you become a bit bored of doing virtual tours, maybe you give 360 video a go. Maybe you’re really inspired by this thing that you’ve seen online, this new visual effects and you’re going to take this next week to learn that? Ultimately, again, you are a captain of your own ship, there's so many benefits that come with that, than just money.

So I want you to think about that. If you're the kind of person that is employed, and you are waiting for the right time to jump into self employment or to start your own business or to go freelance because you're waiting for it to be worth it financially, just do a bit of an audit, do a bit of an audit to make sure that actually, happiness wise you would be a lot better off if you started working for yourself rather than staying where you are. That makes sense.

I feel like the most common thing that I see is, people who are employed, don't want to take the leap unless they know they're going to be able to replace their salary exactly with client work. Whereas actually, most likely what would happen is if, you, you know, quit your job after getting a couple of clients, maybe you can replace half your salary, but you're so much happier from doing your own work. You're so excited, and invigorated by this new passion that has kind of taken hold of you because you are now the boss of your own life. All of a sudden, you end up working more, and you’re more excitable, and you end up getting more clients than you ever dreamed of because of the fact that you are happier, because of the fact that you're now living a life that you actually love. So actually you might have gone freelance or self employed because you wanted to be happier, rather than chasing the money but then the money kind of just followed anyway. Does that make sense?

So this episode, still don't know what I'm going to title it but I just want you to think today about this, just do a quick audit of your life. Are you happy with what you're doing? Or could you be doing something else for slightly less money and be happier? This comes back to the idea of reverse engineering the life that you actually want? What projects do you want to be working on? What kind of clients do you want to be working with? How do you want to make your money? How you make your money is more important than how much you make at the end of the day. Okay, that's it for me today. I hope this helps some of you and I cannot wait to speak to you again tomorrow!

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