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Celebrate the wins, forget the losses

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Hey friend, and welcome back to the Alex Makes VR podcast. In today's episode,

it is day number of my festive fire challenge where every single day, I've been showing up and posting a podcast episode in the hopes that would encourage and inspire you to take five minutes out of your day to make progress in some area of your life. We made it day number 10! I'm so proud of every single one of you listening, I've heard from so many of you and even if you haven't been doing something physically, every single day for the last 10 days, even just showing up and listening to these podcast episodes in itself is making progress.

This is a full transcript of the episode, alternatively you can listen to the podcast episode here:

You know, this isn't the kind of podcast that you would just listen to if you wanted a bit of escapism, or you just wanted a bit of, you know, non thinking time. This is the kind of podcast that gets you thinking, that puts you hopefully, in a better mental space. So even if you haven't been physically doing something maybe in itself, listening to these podcast episodes for the last 10 days, has mentally put you in a better space that's gone on to change your day if you hadn't otherwise. So regardless of what you've been doing the last 10 days, I am so proud of you and here we are 10 days later. It goes so quick, doesn't it? And honestly, I could keep going to be honest, because I love the flow of doing these podcast episodes. There's something and I'm sure you found this within whatever you've been doing for the last 10 days, when you get into that rhythm of just showing up, you know, every single day, even on days like yesterday, where I wasn't really in the headspace, I didn't really know what's going to talk about, I didn't feel like I had value to give, even in those days showing up and doing something in itself is the thing. That is the accomplishment. That builds the habit, builds the skill to take action, which then makes you unstoppable. Really, you can apply this approach to anything really, whether it's a creative project, whether it's, you know, getting into a better routine with your sleep, or your phone habits or your exercise or whatever it is, you can apply in so many areas of life.

Specifically for and as creatives, I think we've been sold this narrative for so long that people are just kind of geniuses and you just come up up with an idea out of nowhere and then that's it! You just work like a mad person to get it done and then that is the product of genius. But actually, it's a bit of a myth. And yes, maybe some of those kind of lightning in a bottle projects have happened, but around them, in order to make those projects successful was, where people that showed up every single day to perfect their craft, to expand their network, to make that project possible. Does that make sense? So even if you are a creative, and yes, you love to work on days, when you are inspired, actually showing up and having the discipline to show up and do something every single day will ultimately put you in such a better position to succeed long term, whatever it is that you're planning to pursue. So I'm really, really proud of you and I guess the subject for this episode is this idea of celebrating the wins. And again, as creatives I feel like we have this tendency to live in the future, the next project, the next skill, to learn the next camera that's available, the next platform that needs content creation, the next, you know, whatever it might be - collaboration. We're not very good at sitting still. And that in a way is beautiful, because that is just the nature of creative people, right? We are buzzing with ideas, we are buzzing with inspiration constantly, and even when we're not were busying ourselves doing lots of different things, it's very easy to get caught up in the next thing, or the thing that we didn't get to do. It's very easy, especially in a year like 2020, to look at the year and say - look at all the things that I couldn't do, look at all the things that got cancelled, look at all the places that I didn't get to go, but what's really actually very, very important and I'm absolutely trying my best to get better at this as well, is learning to celebrate the wins more, learning to take joy in the things that you have been able to do, learning to recognise that actually, those small bits of progress, those small things that you did, they are the big wins because ultimately they lead to you then being able to do the bigger things or the bigger projects, or the whatever it might be. Take time to celebrate the things that you have been able to do this year, like for me, I feel like I spend a lot of time this year thinking about all of the productions that I could, you know, should and could have been doing but didn't get to do, all of the places that I should have been visiting all of the, you know, trips that I was meant to be going on, all of the events, I'm supposed to be speaking at it.

For a while it did kind of feel personal, you know? I'm sure everyone's felt a lot about this year, this pandemic felt very…perfect, I feel personally attacked by this pandemic, just like everyone, it ruined plans, it ruined projects, it's very easy to think about the things that you could have been doing. But actually, the mindset I've shifted into, especially the last couple of months, is actually, there's loads of beautiful things that have come out of this year, there's lots of wins that I can celebrate. If I had been doing all those things I was supposed to have been doing this year, I wouldn't have started this podcast and this podcast has been literally the saving grace of 2020. For me, it is totally showing me this other side of my kind of career that I never would have discovered before and it's probably by far the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. Connecting with you guys and starting conversations, helping some of you start those businesses or you know, get the inspiration to do your projects, even just having an outlet to be able to talk, getting into that consistency of creating, again, especially the novelty of creating something on my phone that can then be uploaded, and then listened to by you know… all of you lot.

Whereas in the VR world, it takes a year to make anything and it's bloody hard. And then whether or not someone sees it, all depends on how well you've crafted that distribution strategy that doesn't really exist. To me, there's so much simplicity and beauty in this, kind of creation form I found with podcasting and that in itself is a win for me. Even the fact that I haven't been go-go-go this year is a win for me, taking some time to be a bit slower, to not galavant around the world and

kind of put off thinking about what it is that I want for my career next. Like that, in itself is a win, to have more time to think about that stuff.

What are you proud of? Instead of thinking about the things that you didn't get to do this year it's great to think about what you want to achieve? And I'm a big believer in having goals and setting them and working towards them, of course. But what are you proud of? What are the things this year that actually you wouldn't have probably done, but you did? Even if it's something small, something like this challenge which in itself is a win for all of us. You know, it's a small thing, but who knows what, where this might lead all of us. Who knows, if there's someone listening right now that the podcast inspired them to write something one day that then goes on to become this huge thing that they do in a few years time? And it all started here, we were all a part of it. If we didn't take the time to celebrate this win, if we didn't take the time to to see that this is as important as some of the big things that we maybe didn't get a chance to do.

I've lost my train of thought, but you understand where I was going with that. So that's it for this 10 Day Challenge. This is it. That's the note I want to leave you on celebrate the wins more and that's something that I definitely want to try and do more or focus on the things that we do have, focus on the things that we did get done, especially if you're creative, making something it's bloody hard to make anything. So taking the time to be like - you know what, even just making progress on that project, even just writing that page of dialogue, even just coding that one bit of that app, that in itself is a massive win. It doesn't need to be, playing at this big festival or I didn't get to, you know, go to that event and meet that that big company that would then become a big client, you know, even just celebrating the fact that yeahI did get to spend a little bit more time with my family, which then led to, you know, this beautiful moment where I had, you know, the opportunity to take photos of something that I was passionate about rather than just chasing client work, whatever it is. I'm gonna stop rambling now. Celebrate the wins my friend. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. It's genuinely an honour and I hope that you you have got as much out of this podcast this year as I have. I will be back for one more episode of 2020 at usual time on Monday. But until then, wherever you are in the world, I hope that you are healthy and happy and whether or not you are celebrating a holiday this month. I'm just really proud of you and I really just hope that you take the time to celebrate yourself, your loved ones and some of the wins that you've had this year.

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