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Ask Yourself This Life Changing Question

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Welcome back to the Alex Makes VR podcast. Today is day number 1 of my new 10 Day Challenge, where every single day I'm going to be spending five minutes spitting a festive fire to help you get through the last month of 2020. But what are you going to do for the next 10 days? What are you going to spend five minutes doing to make yourself proud of who you are coming out of what has got to be one of the weirdest years on record? Let me know. Reach out to me on social media, it’s @alexmakesvr on Instagram and Twitter.

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So for this first day, I thought I'd start off with a big picture question, are you ready to analyse your lives, guys? Yay. So the other week, I was having a cup of tea, and a chat with a friend and this is a friend that I always end up kind of having big picture, and big philosophical conversations with but we ended up down this wormhole. We ended up asking each other the question…if you knew that, if you continued on the rest of your life from today that when you died, it would reset and nothing that you did, would have mattered, it wouldn't have counted, from this day onwards, life doesn't count, because it's going to reset to this exact moment. What would you do? Kind of like Groundhog Day, but you would get to live the rest of your life. It would only be once, it's not like you get to live life over and over and over and over again. It would just be that you would have this lifetime, from this day on, to do whatever it is you wanted to do. Because when you died, it would reset to this very moment. What would you do? What would you do with your life? What would you do differently? What's something that you would change immediately? What is something that instantly jumps out to you? As like a moment of - oh yeah, I know, for 100%, I would, you know…quit that job. And I would go all in on this, or I would downsize my house or I would pack everything up in a backpack and just leave, I would see the world. I would chase down that person that was the one that got away, or I would go on an epic adventure. I would like pour all of my money into making my passion project, I would go back to uni to learn Mandarin, like whatever it is, what is the thing that jumped out to you immediately?

The important thing, I think with something like this is just to listen to your gut reaction and it might be quite extreme, but the things that we came up with were quite extreme. But within them, that was kind of like a grain of truth. There was a grain of truth of something in there that we were clearly not necessarily 100% happy with our current lives. So what is that for you? What would you do for the rest of your life? If you knew that you were going to get another chance to do it? Isn't it interesting that you would have this other version of you in your head? Then you start to think…well, you know, if I was to go down the route of doing something that was just totally socially unacceptable, borderline evil just because…you know…well you'd never actually do that in your lifetime, because it would be a horrible thing to do, and it would also ruin your life BUT also you knew that there would be no consequences if you did it this time around. But that even then, you start to think about that scenario and start thinking - what does that say? Does that say that, I feel constrained? I feel strangled by the social conditioning by society is set up? I don't feel like I can be free. I feel like I'm having to obey these rules that have been laid out for me, you know? Or if it's something mad and magical and adventure based, or it's literally a total escape from your current life and is the total opposite again, what is that saying? Is that highlighting to you that there are elements of your life that maybe you could take step towards changing? Because that's the whole point of a question like this right? It’s not about actually going and living that inconsequential life of reckless abandon and do whatever you want, because of course, well, depending on what your belief system is, chances are that you consciously will only ever have this one life, whatever you believe in, even if it’s like an afterlife or whatever, but if we assume that you are to only have this life as your conscious self, then of course you're not going to go do those things. But what is something that potentially you could change?

Realistically, you do only have this one life and it could be taken away at any moment. That's what this year has really shown and, in fact, I think for a lot of people 2020 was the year that you realised how much you want change. For me, personally, for example, 2020, has showed me how much I rely on travel and social gatherings and going to events and being here, there and everywhere. That's part of my identity. That's part of what I love to do. It's part of my job that I just, I couldn't live without by being trapped at home, and not having places to go and not having these big social events or keynoting or events. That’s really been really, really hard. So to me, that's shown me - okay, so that is something that's very important to me, whereas I didn't necessarily know that before. Before, I’ve sometimes felt that I just want to stay put for a while, I want to stay put and imagine if I could just have some time off, and if only the world would just stop for a second. Did I wish the pandemic ? My bad. I'm sure a lot of you listening to this might have accidentally, at some point, dreamed up a scenario where the world would stop, and you would get time. But what that's actually done, is allowed you to analyse what are the bits of your life that you love, and what are the bits of your life that you want to change, right?

So I'm going to stop here, because this is already over five minutes and the whole point of these festive fire challenges is that they're short and although you could be listening to this at any time of year, but it is to keep this short and sweet. But, I urge you take that question, what would you do? If you knew that when you died, life would reset to this very moment? Everything you did from here on out would not count? What are some of the things that you would do? What are some of the chances you would take? What are some of the leaps of faith that you would have? What are some of the wild adventures you would go on? See if there's any, essence of those things that you could actually bring into your life.

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